September 24-26, 2017
The Andaz, New York, NY

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Digital Marketing Exchange Agenda

The pace of change in the digital space is overwhelming. Information ages almost as quickly as it’s presented. Conferences in the digital space are proliferating; some are getting longer – many are four- and five-days long; while others are getting super-granular, focusing on one narrow aspect for a two-day stretch. At the 5th Digital Marketing Exchange, we will cover the digital marketing space from both strategic and technical perspectives. Join the leading event for digital marketing executives looking to transform the customer experience in a digital world. Check out what is new this year at the 2017 Digital Marketing Exchange!


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New! Through the Years: A look at the evolution of digital’s best event

This report shows how Digital Marketing Exchange has changed every year. See past years' speakers, sessions, attendees and more - and get a sneak peek at the upcoming edition. 


New! 2016 Digital Marketing Survey Results

We surveyed 33 senior leaders in the digital marketing space to learn which investment areas are top priority for 2016-2017.


NEW: Achieving Agility and Finding Your Brand’s Voice: An Interactive Q&A with Fanette Singer, Senior Vice President of Marketing of COUNTRY Financial

In this Q&A, Fanette Singer discusses some of the issues and topics that matter to modern marketers. Fanette gives valuable insights into some of the barriers to agility and the solutions to overcome them. She also delves into the importance of finding – and successfully utilizing; a brand’s voice through in-house efforts. Hover over ‘Show Answer’ to see responses in this interactive piece. 

A Q&A with Fanette Singer, SVP of Marketing of COUNTRY Financial

Fanette discussed the art of discovering your digital persona to drive engagement and traffic at the 2015 Digital Marketing Exchange. Here, she gives bite-sized insights in how to use the digital space for your brand.

A Q&A with Patti Girardi VP Marketing Compass Group North America

Patti discussed the new task of Marketing to Generation Z at the 2015 Digital Marketing Exchange. Here she talks about the differences between Gen Z and Millennials and how being true "digital natives" affects their behavior. 


CMO Evolution: An Interview with Dr.Philip Kotler

Dr. Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University, discusses the evolution of the CMO.

Highlight Video: Attendees Discuss the Chief Marketing Officers Exchange

Hear what recent attendees had to say about the Chief Marketing Officers Exchange.

Marketing Automation: An Interview with Julia Kirby and Thomas H. Davenport

Harvard Business Review's Julia Kirby and Babson College's Tom Davenport discuss the future and impact of marketing automation.

Location-Based Technology: An Interview with Chrysler's Jason Butki

Chrysler's Jason Butki gives his thoughts on the ever-changing world of location-based technology.

Content Marketing Initiatives: An Interview with Time VP of Content Marketing, Newell Thompson

Newell Thompson, VP of Content marketing at Time, Inc., discusses content marketing initiatives.

Mobile Technology: An Interview with The New York Times' Scott Stanchak

 The New York Times' Scott Stanchak talks about mobile technology and marketing.


CMO 2017 Post-Event Report

The 2017 Chief Marketing Officer Exchange post-event report features interviews with attendee lists, top areas of investment and more!

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Climbing the Sales Mountain

Live events are still one of the best ways to get your product in front of potential customers. But if you’re not choosing the right event, you stand to lose both time and money. Take a look at how a Exchange is different from traditional events.

Winning the B2B Marketing War with Events

While there are more options for reaching your consumer than ever before, live events are not only still relevant but may be more important than they used to be.