September 23 - 25, 2018

Cliff Chiet

Chief Integrated Marketing Director

Cliff Chiet is Chief Integrated Marketing Director representing some of the nation’s strongest marketing assets including iHeartMedia, iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia Events, iHeartMedia Digital and Social Media, Clear Channel Outdoor and Total Traffic & Weather Network (TTWN) and a variety of granular digital audience assets.

Chiet, a local publishing veteran and no stranger to the marketing scene, spent most of the last 20 years as a Vice President and publisher at Post Newsweek Media, a division of The Washington Post Company and then as CMO of a national ad agency based in Georgetown.

Chiet has a reputation for being a “social architect” and helping to build sustainable marketing partnerships that provide maximum ROI. “I consider it an honor to have access to the best integrated marketing toolkit available to help create long term win-win partnerships by helping businesses and organizations grow to their full potential. I can now create the right custom media mix by leveraging all of iHeartMedia’s assets combining the power of radio, mobile, digital and outdoor media,” says Chiet. Now with our ability to obtain 1st party data from over 100 million registered users of iHeartRadio, we are able to bring a level of science to our marketing approach to maximize ROI.”

“My primary goal is to grow your business or organization and help you reach your full ROI potential through the integrated marketing assets of iHeartMedia. To put it simply, I want to make our fans YOUR fans. With over 850 radio stations across the nation, our iHeartRadio app, over 20,000 annual events and our Total Traffic & Weather Network, there is a recipe for success for any tough as nails marketing challenge.”

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